Here is how to do it very simply:

  • Choose an adhesive note in the classic square format 7.5 x 7.5 cm (2.95 x 2.95 in) of the color of your choice. Preferably choose green ones with recyclable paper and natural glue.
  • Write a positive message.
  • Sign it with a small symbol, a nickname or your initials on the lower right corner. Do not write your real name and / or name. No coordinates should appear on it.
  • Do not write any name of recipient.
  • On the back of your adhesive note specify “this is a posinote that is offered to you.” You can of course use your own words. Specify in any case that it is a posinote.
  • Here are some examples of situations:
    • In a cafe or restaurant (in the menu. Thanks to Christine for this brilliant idea !)
    • In a means of transport.
    • In cinema.
    • At friend’s house. Be inventive. Why not discreetly place a posinote in his fridge or in a closet they will discover at random?
    • In family.
    • At work.
    • Etc …
  • In all cases, write a single posinote. At your friends house for example, do not leave 10 posinotes during the evening but only 1. In all other situations the same thing. Do not put posinote on all the tables, the walls etc …
  • Check that the posinote does not interfere with the professionals who work.
  • No Scotch nor glue. If the adhesive note does not adhere to the support, do not insist.

As you see it is very simple and intuitive enough to set up.

The goal is to easily generate a wave of compassion.

How to get a posinote ?

You will always come across a posinote. Do not look for it. She will come to you at the right time.

The posinotes are very positive. Keep them in a notebook, your wallet, your pocket, etc. The person who wrote it to you has imbued him with compassion and positive energies. Keep them very carefully because this positivity continues to spread in your possession.

If you find on the ground, take it. She was meant for you.

In all cases, write on the back the date, the place and the time you found it.

Did a little joker write an unpleasant message? Laugh, make a dumpling, throw it in the trash and send a nice positive thought to the person who wrote this message.

It’s now up to you to write posinotes!

Thank you all for being part of this beautiful positive movement.

Share your posinotes, both the ones you wrote and the ones you received on instagram with #posinote